Many kinds of additives are needed to achieve stabilization of polymers, and its optimal prescriptions differ depending on factors like processing condition or end products. This fact causes some troubles such as complex product, over or under dosing, dusty working environment and so on. One pack products made of various kinds of additives such as Antioxidant, HALS, UVA, Clarifier etc., can fundamentally solve such problems. ADEKA AL OTAIBA  is the first producer of one pack additives with granular shapes for polymers in UAE and we contribute to the development of polymer industries in Middle East.


Our strength


ADEKA started polymer additives business in 1962. Now our product line up is a wide range of commodity and specialty. One pack products specially require extensive and deep knowledge of various kinds of additives. Based on our strengths over 60 years of experience with technical service, diverse product line-up and cutting-edge technology, we can offer you the best blend, the best solution.


One pack Production Network


With the ever increasing demand of polyolefin in Middle-East region, we are in pursuit of keeping ourselves abreast with the latest technology in consultation with our R & D to provide the needs as the market demands. As ADEKA group, we have additional two production sites for one pack additives in Japan and France. From these three plants, we can provide our products anywhere in the world in the shortest lead-time.


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