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ADEKA CIZER Plasticizers

ADDITIVES listed in this brochure are our main products which are the result of our experience and knowledge from over 30 years in various polymer fields. An additive should be selected depending on the target polymer and application. An appropriate selection of additives will modify various characteristics of the polymer (such as mechanical properties, durability, and transparency) and shall answer to your demands.

Epoxy Type Plasticizers

Epoxy type plasticizers have both function, stabilization and plasticizing effects for PVC resin, ADK CIZER 0-130P is a typical epoxidized soybean oil plasticizer used for general purpose.

Heat Resistant Plasticizers

Heat - resistant plasticizers provide excellent in heat aging stability, volatility and electrical insulation property. They are mainly used for wire & cable, automotive upholstery and etc.

Anti Static Plasticizers

ADK CIZER LV-series are suitable for flooring, curtain, hose, foot wear, and so on.

ADK CIZER LV - 70 is used in combination with ADK CIZER LV - 808 or LV - 848 to achieve maximum results. ADK CIZER LV - 70 can be used in combination with other plasticizer

Polyester type plasticizer

Plasticizers for Rubbers

RS series have good low temperature property and high aging stability.

They are suitable for applications such as automotive tube, hose, conveyer belt and important functional parts. Polyester type plasticizers for PVC are also used for rubbers