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This product range covers ADEKA’s proprietary halogen-free flame retardant blends based on intumescence. Products offered in this range are ADK STAB FP-2100JC and ADK STAB FP-2500S. Whereas ADK STAB FP-2100JC offers a higher thermal stability and can be processed up to 250°C, ADK STAB FP-2500S differentiates as a low dust form with a slightly lower processing window (240°C), but at the same time allowing for lower loadings (approx. -5%) compared to ADK STAB FP-2100JC


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Flame Retardants



ADK STAB FP-600 is a halogen free flame retardant recommended for PC, PC/HIPS and PC/ABS blends as well as PPE. It is a high molecular weight liquid phosphate ester with good hydrolytic stability and hence provides lowest vapor emissions during processing and provides minimum impact on mechanical properties such as impact behavior and HDT. As it is halogenfree, it causes no corrosion in processing and provides lowest generation of corrosive combustion gases.


ADK STAB FP-900L is a liquid, bisphenol A free flame retardant, complementing the phosphate ester range of ADEKA. It offers processing benefits as it is less plasticizing than BDP (proven in PC/ABS), enabling better mechanical properties. It provided good stability upon recycling simulation in PC/ABS.


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